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Why we could find "poor quality" EVO Oil on the market?

"But if Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the best olive oil from a qualitative point of view, why can you find so many of poor quality ones on the market?" What does it depend on?! Let's try to answer this question we broke up with last post.

At the base of everything is the fact that unfortunately not all olive oils sold as Extra Virgin are

1) produced taking into consideration the various aspects considered critical to produce a high quality oil (in all its cultivation, harvesting and transformation phases)

and / or

2) stored appropriately.

Furthermore, considering that olive oil is a product that by its nature tends to gradually degrade over time (just to understand each other it is not like wine that can 'improve' as it ages, but can only get worse), if from the beginning it is not produced and stored in an appropriate way there is a risk that when it arrives on our tables at best it has lost some of its positive attributes and at worst it has very evident defects, at least for an expert taster.

But then will we all have to become professional tasters to be sure we are buying high quality EVO oils?

Absolutely not, there are in fact a number of indications to be taken into consideration when purchasing in order to make informed choices and subsequently you can acquire olfactory / gustatory methods that can help us in the tasting phase. We will see these aspects in the next posts.



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