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Tananei EVO Oil in Slow Food guide

With great satisfaction we announce that our Tananei Extra Virgin Olive Oil has entered the "2021 Slow Food guide for EVO Oils". This is an important recognition, first of all for the enhancement of our product to the realization of which we dedicate constant commitment and passion, researching the highest quality. But also because we see recognized our efforts in the area of sustainability. Here is a piece of the introduction of the Slow Food guide: ".. now as never before there is a need to support companies and producers who are allowing the Italian olive growing heritage to survive and are doing it with care in agronomic management, maintaining centuries-old plants, the often heroic landscape and facing the many risks that this identity cultivation entails. They are wise farmers and expert oil millers that we invite you to go to know and visit to realize how much biodiversity there is behind a 'simple' drop of extra virgin oil! ". So let's celebrate with our customers and friends who have been supporting us in this enterprise for years and we look forward joining us at our Tananei Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil Experience to taste our olive oil and discover the secrets to produce an high quality one, thank you! P.S. here enclose you can see the Slow Food card of our oil


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