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Tananei EVO Oil as a special gift

In these recent difficult times we talk more and more often about the importance of buying "locally" and of supporting small Italian producers committed to supplying agri-food excellence that is unique in the world. Christmas can be an excellent opportunity to put this good intent into practice, giving our loved ones a quality product by purchasing it directly from the manufacturer. When you buy Tananei Extra Virgin Olive Oil, in addition to putting a high quality product on the table, you are helping to preserve the small olive groves, so widespread in our territory and often abandoned because they have very high management costs, also due to the particular morphology of the soil, and are therefore considered not very profitable compared to super intensive cultivation. Abandoning the olive groves unfortunately creates serious imbalances and environmental problems. Just think that our olive grove was in a state of semi-abandonment by previous farmers and it took us several years to bring it back to full production. At Tananei we use traditional agricultural practices, accompanied by the latest generation of olive press practices and technologies; all this allows us to create a high quality oil, rich in nutrients that are very important for our health. For this Christmas we have also added 0.25 l bottles of EVO oil to our usual formats, already packaged and ready to be given as gifts. Giorgia has created a simple packaging with a rustic charm, made with a "green" material such as straw paper which, using recycled paper, helps to reduce deforestation and waste of water and with twine. A winning combination for respect for the environment. What do you think? Do you like our bottles? If you are interested write us at


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