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Mistakes to be avoided buying an EVO oil

To choose a transparent bottle is one of the mistakes to avoid buying EVO Oil.

Even today few people know that light is one of the enemies of Extra Virgin Olive Oil as, in addition to causing a loss of antioxidant substances, it accelerates the oxidative processes, leading the oil to be prematurely rancid.

So why on the market you can find EVO Oils in transparent bottles?

Because for many consumers that are still unaware, it is important to see the color of the oil and mistakenly think that to be good it must be green; this is wrong as the color of EVO Oil is not an indication of quality. As a proof of this, consider that in professional tasting sessions cobalt blue glasses are used to hide the color of the oil so as not to be psychologically influenced by it.

Keep following us because in the next post, as part of the Tananei Extra Virgin Olive Oil Experience, we will see why it is important to carefully read the label of an EVO Oil.


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