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How to choose a premium EVO Oil

If you are looking for a high-end Extra Virgin Olive Oil, as we have seen you must

a) Knowing how to read and interpret well the key information on the label that we have shared

b) Choose an oil that has certain product attributes / characteristics

c) Discriminate the choice based on price.

With regard to the product attributes, we have seen that it is certainly advisable in the first instance to focus attention on packages that protect from light (one of the three enemies of EVO oil) and discard the transparent ones as we know that in this case the oil is it will oxidize more quickly, then presenting organoleptic defects.

Then there are a couple of other aspects to consider when choosing our EVO Oil if we want to look for a product of the highest quality: select

- FILTERED Oils: and why? Because the raw and unfiltered ones contain particles of vegetation containing water where microbiological activities can develop that lead the oil to have organoleptic defects just a few months after its production. So EVO Oil must be filtered.

- Those oils PRODUCED IN MILLS WITH LATEST GENERATION TECHNOLOGY, because those produced with traditional methods (stone wheels to crush the olives, presses to extract the oil) in fact present a series of operational problems (which we will see more when we tackle the issue of how to produce a quality oil). damage to the quality of the product. Furthermore, it is scientifically proven that the oil produced in an oil mill that adopts the latest generation technology is generally of superior quality.


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