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EVO Oil vs seed oil

I’m often asked ... "but which are the main differences between an Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a Seed Oil"? Leaving aside the nutritional aspects of the product

- the first difference can be found in extraction process the oil from the fruit / seed: an EVO Oil is obtained only through MECHANICAL process that take place with the technology available at the mill, so to simplify and make a better idea, it is like if it were done a "fruit juice". A seed oil, on the other hand, is generally obtained through CHEMICAL processes, which usually make use of solvents, deodorization processes, etc. and that therefore make it a product let's say less natural

- the second substantial difference is in the use that is made of the product itself; EVO oil is more suitable for cold use, for example to season or enrich dishes, or to appreciate its flavor and aroma, as well as not to compromise in part its nutritional properties (which occurs when used as an ingredient / cooking base for cooking dishes). A seed oil (e.g. sunflower or peanut), on the other hand, is more suitable for frying as it does not significantly alter the flavor of the food.

This is one of the questions that customers of our Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil Experience (look at usually raise when we talk about healthy properties of this fantastic ingredients and also of EVO Oil food pairing.


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