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The water of Saint John at Tananei

The night between 23 and 24 June is considered a magical night; it is the night before the birth of St. John the Baptist, but it is also linked to the summer solstice which officially kicks off our favorite season, summer. During this night, propitiatory rites are done to celebrate the season in which nature reaches its maximum splendor. And the water of Saint John is prepared: it is made with a mix of wild herbs and flowers and is left outdoors all night, so that it absorbs the dew of the gods, which falls on June 23, which gives strength to plants and flowers and brings love, health, luck and prosperity. At Tananei we are spoiled for choice when it comes to wild plants and flowers; but to give a more fragrant touch to our water we have added our delicious aromatic herbs and, of course, the leaves of our most beloved plant, the olive tree. The scent of this water is wonderful! Now we just have to wash our face and wait for a lot of health, luck and prosperity! There's no harm in trying!

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