Tananei : once upon a long ago ...

There are emotions that remain impressed on our hearts for a lifetime. For us one of these was when we were dreaming of a return to nature, of a downshifting for a simpler and more relaxed life and we found "it". Our Farmhouse. We saw it from the road, abandoned, immersed by an incredible vegetation and we immediately understood that it would have been our "turning point in life", our future.

It had lavender wooden window frames, window curtains flapping through the broken glass, stones on the walls and was nestled among olive trees. Everything we loved about Tuscany was there, in that old stone farmhouse.

Ten years have passed and our new life at Tananei is always the richest and happiest experience we could have.

Agriturismo Tananei

Via Sassa, 49

51010 Marliana, Pistoia


P. IVA 08916400966

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