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Lucca, a wonderful medieval village, close to Tananei farmhouse

About half an hour from our farmhouse there is Lucca, a typical Tuscan city we particularly love. We often go there to take a walk inside its walls and fill up on art and beauty. But not only of this. We also fill up with Tuscan specialties such as the typical sweets of Lucca that we particularly love: the buccellato and the Torta coi becchi.The first one is a very simple dessert, a sweet bread full of raisins and the scent of anise. Torta coi becchi is a rustic dessert with a base of shortcrust pastry and stuffed with chard, pine nuts, raisins and even bread. Yes, you read that right, a dessert with chard!Try them if you happen to visit this beautiful city.

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