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Live like a local at Pistoia

Tuscan cities of art, we don't always have the time and desire to visit museums or enter historic buildings. Sometimes we have the desire to take a simple walk through the streets of the historic centers, without a precise destination, without a list of things to do and see that must necessarily be followed scrupulously. 

Pistoia, our province, is located just 10 minutes from our farmhouse, therefore it is one of the cities where we happen to go more often for  shopping or a simple tour. Although it is rich in museums, historic buildings, churches and other masterpieces of Tuscan architecture and art, we find it fascinating even simply for a carefree walk in the historic center. 

Here is one of our favorite squares, Piazza della Sala. If Piazza del Duomo is the classic "postcard" of Pistoia, a postcard of a typical Tuscan city, Piazza della Sala for us is the most suggestive. It is located right behind the Baptistery and is the place where Pistoians have been shopping for more than 1000 years. The names of the streets around the square, which indicated the functions of this area, are already suggestive and poetic: Via del Cacio (Cheese street), via dei Fabbri (Blacksmiths street), via degli Orafi (Goldsmiths street) to name a few. Just think that Via Del Lastrone takes its name from the large stone on which fish was sold in the past. In the center of the square there is a water well where you will surely spend a few minutes taking pictures as it is really picturesque. 

Not far away there is a small square inside the square; the Piazza degli Ortaggi (Vegetables Square), you can imagine why it was so called. We like to visit these squares and the surrounding alleys at different times of the day, as each offers a particular atmosphere that remains in the heart. On days when the market is not held, you can have the opportunity to observe the many details around you better and without obstacles; ancient doors, sculptures, details of ancient buildings, unique corners of an authentic Tuscany. 

To admire the squares without people you can go very early in the morning, at night or after 12, when the vendors have left. But sometimes even we, who love nature and peace, need a little "movida" and then these squares, in the evening, are perfect: they become the center of Pistoia's "nightlife" rich as they are in restaurants, bars, places for aperitif, often with outdoor tables and attract hundreds of young people every day. 

We advise you to stop for a rich aperitif, in one of the many bars, you will be spoiled for choice. A good glass of wine and a bruschetta outdoors, in the center of Tuscan history is an experience to remember. The last glass of wine, before goodnight, in the peace of nature accompanied by the song of crickets, we then offer to our guests when they return to the Tananei farmhouse.

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