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Does the pollination of olive trees take place thanks to bees?

During last weeks, we have had the opportunity to relax walking in the Tananei olive grove trying to absorb as much as possible the colors, scents and music that nature gives us.

And it was impossible not to be attracted by the incessant work of the bees on our olive trees intent from flower to flower to collect pollen balls on their paws.

Although we are well aware that the olive tree is an anemophilous pollination plant (and therefore the pollination of the olive trees takes place through the wind) we are proud to have the company of these nice and important insects: in fact, if on the one hand we like to think that they can however contribute even to a small part to the pollination of the olive tree, as well they are certainly indicators of the good health of the olive grove and also, by promoting the cross-pollination of wild plants, they contribute to plant biodiversity and therefore also to the animal biodiversity.

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