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enjoy a tuscan farm to table experience

Le Merende del Tananei

Customers staying at the Tananei will have the opportunity to taste the "Merende of Tananei" on certain days of the week.

We call our farm to table dinners “MERENDE” for the Latin meaning of the word «things to deserve».

We believe to deserve things:

simple and good,  like the homemade food done with love and passion

from our traditions,  because we love our land, its products, its excellences

of the best quality,  all the used ingredients are from our land or from high selected farms of our territory.

Our philosophy leads us to the continuous research of natural, simple and genuine food whose production cycle takes place entirely in our area.

Le Merende del Tananei are composed by a fixed menu that changes  according to the season and to what is offered by our garden.


The dinner is based on seasonal products from our garden and from trusted small scale local suppliers that have pasture-raised and grass-fed animals, that provide us organic cheeses and cold cuts of the highest quality. All this is followed by traditional Tuscan dishes homemade prepared.

The outdoor temperature reaches optimum values even in the hottest summer months. The song of crickets, the glow of candles and lanterns, maybe a full moon night and the amazing show of the fireflies that invade the whole valley of Tananei in June, create a real magical atmosphere and make your dinner at our farmhouse a romantic and unforgettable experience.

we believe that the best food can only be savored

in the most exciting and surreal environment for our wellbeing.

in summertime 

You can enjoy alfresco dinners, under the starry sky; our pergola is set amid scenic Olive trees groves .


Our dinners will be served in the dining room which is located in the former stable, in front of our fireplace and in the warm glow of the fire and candles.

In addition to our Merende, the following two events are organized (also available to those who do not stay at our facility) built around our products:


EVO OIL EXPERIENCE: a journey into the world of Extra Virgin Olive Oil to learn about the entire production process, from cultivation to transformation to conservation and tasting techniques, followed by a walk in our olive grove and a complete dinner with a fixed menu where it will be possible to taste our EVO oil combined with different kind of food.

For more information on the event

FARM TO TABLE EXPERIENCE: a special dinner usually served at a common table, where we will have the pleasure of telling our guests the history and activities of our farmhouse and letting them visit our olive grove, in an international convivial atmosphere.

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