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Tananei kiwi harvest

We have just finished the harvest of our olives and now it's time for the kiwi harvest, fruits ready to keep us company on our tables in the next months. Yes, because this incredible fruit, rich in beneficial properties for our health, is also a key element of the diet of Tananei, our tuscan farmhouse.

In addition to enjoying them alone, inside a rich fruit salad or on a fragrant cream-based tart, as soon as they are ripe we will begin the preparation of the Kiwi jam that we and our guests at Tananei will taste for breakfast, on a good slice of toasted bread, or as an accompaniment to organic cheeses that we serve during our "farm to table experience" . The perfect combination of sour and sweet in this fruit paired to organic cheeses is truly unique. A really versatile fruit that we particularly love!

Kiwi fruit is also perfect to give a refreshing touch to fruit smoothies that we prepare according to what is available at our farm, according to the seasons. We also use it to prepare a perfect dessert for breakfast or as a snack, based on puff pastry, apples from our garden, brown sugar and a brush of organic acacia honey from the area.

In fish cooking it can be a valid substitute for lemon; chunks of kiwi sauteed with our fragrant Tananei EVO Oil are perfect to accompany swordfish and zucchini rolls.

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