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Places to visit in Tuscany - Elba island

We can't really say that January is one of our favorite months. The climate does not allow us to do great work on the farm and we definitely don't like the cold.For this reason we often find ourselves dreaming of the heat and the sea, which we love so much.

These days we are thinking back to a beautiful sea that we have in our region; a transparent, clean, Caribbean sea but with the advantage of being immersed in lush Mediterranean vegetation. The sea of the Island of Elba and in particular that of the beach of Sansone, our favorite. A destination easily reachable from Tananei, as it can be reached in about 2 hours to get to the port and half an hour of crossing. It is a particularly popular destination for our customers, often an indispensable stop before or after their stay at our farm. The perfect place to experience a wonderful combination of Tuscan countryside and sea!

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