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How to look for the best brands to buy of olive oil

In previous posts we have shared that in order to choose a high-end Extra Virgin olive oil, there are a number of tips to take into consideration, first of all to read and interpret the product label well.

And we have seen that

- the product name (Extra Virgin Olive Oil - highest category for quality)

- the indication of origin (it tells us where and / or with which oils / olives the oil is produced)

- the olive harvest campaign (when the olives are harvested and pressed)

- the best before term (date by which it is preferable to consume the product)

they are key information on which to focus attention very well in the choice phase.

In the next posts, as part of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil Experience, we will analyze in detail two other no less important aspects to take into consideration when looking for a high quality EVO oil:

- identify and evaluate some characteristics of the product and its packaging

- choose an EVO oil according to the selling price.

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