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Who i was, who i am

I'm David, from Montecatini Terme, in Tuscany; always deeply determined and continually looking for challenges to face; after a degree in Computer Science obtained in Pisa and a Masters in Business Administration with honors at Politecnico di Milano, I was luky to gain significant managerial experience at director level in various multinational companies operating in different sectors, with roles of international responsibility.

Following the purchase of the Tananei Farm, which is located right in my homeland, my love for country life, its flavors, its traditions, has been awakened in me and it was a love at first sight, a return to the origins.

From that moment my life has completely changed and after several successful projects managed over the years, I could no longer resist the temptation to finally carry out my own personal project, and the dream of a life has become a reality!

The love for the olive tree has pushed me first to become a certified national level taster of extra virgin olive oil allowing me to acquire the skills necessary to produce and be able to recognize a high quality oil.

Later I could not resist the temptation to make known this product so noble, but in my opinion not fully respected to the whole world, and since I firmly believe that every taste and knowledge is inextricably linked to its land of origin, I decided to create an agriturismo to give everyone the opportunity to try it directly in the Tananei world.

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Share with my clients the unique emotions and experiences related to the most authentic rural world and allow them, as happened to me, to re-establish their personal relationship with nature, the ideal place to try these products, it's my new way of life today.

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