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How to choose an High End Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Once our first selection has been made following the 4 indications to be verified on the label (correct denomination, origin, harvesting campaign and minimum shelf life), we can continue in our selection for subsequent refinements by checking other product and packaging characteristics. and making the related choices. How?

First we've to focus our attention on the type of packaging: we must choose dark bottles (or aluminum-coated) or better cans as they protect better from the light which is one of the three main enemies of extra virgin olive oil and which tends to accelerate the oxidation processes that lead it to go rancid.

Furthermore, always with regard to packaging, it is advisable to choose a format that depends on the use made of the product. In fact, if you consider that once opened, as the oil decreases, the quantity of oxygen (the other enemy of oil as it tends to oxidize it) in the bottle increases, you must choose the size of the product so that once opened, you will consume within a couple of months. Therefore small formats (250ml, 500ml) for occasional use, 1l-5l for more frequent uses.

In the next post, as part of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil Experience, we'll share another couple of tips to take in consideration when looking for a premium EVO Oil.

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