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Olive Harvest 2018 at Tananei

Dear friends, at the Tananei everything is ready to start the olive harvest and the preparation of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

We're sure it will be an excellent year for a fragrant oil, delicate and rich in healthy polyphenols, produced in the valley of the Tananei where the olive trees grow in a natural and uncontaminated oasis that most of you had the opportunity to visit.

We prefer to give priority to our loyal customers, so we now begin to collect orders for those interested in bringing to the table the aromas and flavors of the Tananei or to prepare special Christmas gifts for their loved ones.

The Tananei EVO Oil will be available in the following formats with the relative prices: a) 5 liter can b) 0.5L bottle or can c) 0.25L long neck bottle c) 0.1L bottle

For any kind of information or orders thanks to get in touch with us at the following email address :

Ciao David, Giorgia and Dog

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