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"Live like a Local" - at Tananei

It is not only an Italian phenomenon, but a global choice to book small private houses and farms for holidays instead of big hotels. The ever-increasing success of the internet sites for booking houses, private rooms, villas and typical farmhouses, are testimony to the spread of this trend led by the leitmotif "live like a local," "live as one of the place." It is a more and more popular choice to stay in typical structures, where it is possible to establish direct relations with the owners, who often live in the same house. And also to live in contact with the community and local customs for every income, social, and geographical status.

The Tananei farmhouse received a reservation from a very special couple some months ago. A successful screenwriter and actor and his jazz-singer wife. The first question we asked ourselves was "but will our future guests know that we are a very small farmhouse, we do not have television, we do not have air conditioning and other luxuries of star hotels?" It was only a few months later that we met our charming American guests to spend fun evenings in front of the fireplace laughing and drinking a good glass of wine like old friends, promising to meet again soon in Italy or California.

Living the Tananei experience for our guests means being able to establish deep human relationships, discover the authenticity of the places that make us the backdrop of our lives. Thanks to the advice we are able to share daily with them, about the best places to eat, the lesser known and touristy places to visit, and giving them live experiences that make them participate in our main activity olive oil production (OIL EVO).

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